The Top 10 Internet Marketing Gurus

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Published: 29th August 2009
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To become a millionaire is pretty much an elusive dream. Everybody wants to have lots and lots of money but just end up finding themselves living paycheck after paycheck, often short of cash. Because of this, some people have turned to Internet marketing and in finding ways on how to make money on the Internet.

Unfortunately, making millions online is not as easy as it sounds, especially if the ways to make money on the Internet are unfamiliar and one does not know where to start. So where does one turn to in order to find out how to make money on the Internet? By seeking the knowledge of Internet gurus.

What is a Guru?

A guru is someone who is thought of as one who has extensive knowledge and authority in a certain field or area, and uses that wisdom to teach and guide others. A guru is also someone who helps others in knowing more about the field they specialize in and help others in attaining the same knowledge and wisdom as they have.

Who are the Internet marketing gurus?

The Internet marketing gurus are those people who have been successful in the Internet business and are making thousands and thousands of dollars a month. These people claim to have found the shortcuts to Internet millions and can teach others how to do just the same. There are several websites that list their own top 10 marketing gurus, so it is really hard to decide who is really who in the Internet world.

Finding out the top 10 marketing gurus is basically hard, but these people do have something in common - that is they seek to teach others the shortcuts to Internet millions. These gurus aim to inform ordinary people the right way to make money on the Internet and how to become successful right in the comfort of their homes.

These gurus are sought after because of their tried, tested, and proven marketing strategies that make them money easily, also referred to as the shortcuts to Internet millions. It is but natural that people would seek ways to make money easily, and who wouldn't? Imagine making thousands of dollars right in the comfort of one's home, who wouldn't want that?

Different Internet Marketing Gurus

There are different areas of specialty where different Internet gurus specialize in. Some Internet gurus specialize in the shortcuts to Internet millions by the utilization of social networking sites like Twitter and Squidoo, while some Internet gurus specialize in the creation of web and squeeze pages that can be used and optimized for advertising. Some Internet gurus specialize in the means of communicating to their target audience, and some specialize in the generation of traffic and sales leads.

Finding which Internet guru can help one in discovering the shortcuts to Internet millions and how to make money on the Internet really depends on one's needs, whether it is in terms of advertising, marketing, or lead generation. Try to discover first what is needed or what area is lacking and keeping one from being successful online, and seek the knowledge of an Internet guru to enlighten one's mind.

Will Dave is a freelance writer working in an internet marketing firm. He has written a couple of articles on Jeff Paul Internet Marketing and an article on disagreeing Jeff Paul.

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